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Alpaca and Llama Paint and Coloring Kits
The alpaca and llama paint and coloring kits come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials! Fun ...
Heartland Criations Alpacas' Farm Store LLC
Handmade Alpaca Fiber Hand Coiled Basket
These baskets are hand coiled using 100% Alpaca
fiber over cotton core sewn with 100% Alpaca Casa Lavanda Alpacas
Notecards of Original Oil Paintings
These beautiful cards have reproductions of original oil paintings by artist Will Kefauver. Each box...
Faraway Farm Alpacas


Angel made out of alpaca roving! Lovely!
These are really lovely. They are Angels
made out of white and pale blue/lavender
alpaca ro...
Voodoo Mama Criations

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