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 WAR Peruvian Tallulah (1/2 Accoyo!)
   Listed by Bon Van Meter
  Type:  Female Huacaya
Status:  Open / Proven

Birthdate:  1/18/2006
Heritage:  Full Peruvian

Registration: ARI Registered
ARI #:  1351828
ARI Color:  Dark Fawn



6Peruvian Greta 6248 IMPR98   


Medium Fawn, 808227, Peruvian


Greta resided at Wild Acres Ranch in Pt Clinton. She was a hand picked dam out of the 6th peruvian import from farm Cambria. A TRUE BLACK offspring indicates that Greta's recessive color is TRUE BLACK! Her offspring may carry this gene!

  6Peruvian ACCOYO The Last Don IMPR98  
    White, 808078, Peruvian  

Full Accoyo Import. The Last Don has micron 23.3, SD 4.8, CV 20.4, %>30=9.8
The Last Don is a strong boned and very densely fleeced white male.An import straight from Don Julio’s Ranch in Peru, he is one of the few top championship and blue ribbon producing Accoyo males out there today. He’s great at producing top fleeces in all colors!The Last Don has produced a TRUE BLACK offspring. This means that he carries the Black gene as a recessive and can pass color to his offspring!



  Micron Count
2007: We're guessing 23 microns.
2010: Still fine with soft buttery handle. Her SECONDS handspinning into gorgeous yarn!!



Tallulah is not 'much to look at' in this new era of ELITE ALPACAS, but she produces a very nice fleece for spinning and her daughters are both STUNNING ELITE ALPACAS. So strong genetics come through!! Everytime I work with it I think wow! Her second cria was purchased before weaning, Desert Song. Her first cria, Ariella, is one of my daughter's herd. Her conformation was correct and typey.

Her first female cria is get of Full Accoyo "Frisco" for a 3/4 accoyo pattern cria, Ariella, with a solid fawn blanket. Very Flashy girl with good growth.

Tallulah had her "FULL ACCOYO FRISCO" baby Sunday, July 19th and it is THE FIRST GIRL born at Imaginary since start-up in 2006, our 11th cria to date!! This little girl weighed in at 12 lbs and was up and nursing in 7 hours. She has fawn color with a flashy white neck and head, freckles and a patch on the face very typical of her FUTURITY HERDSIRE father. Her coat is fluffing up nicely, too, and very fine.

That would be The Last Don and Felix and Leon Accoyo lines for this 3/4 ACCOYO little GIRL. Both the Last Don and Greta have had TRUE BLACK offspring. Tallulah has the possibility of carrying True Black as a recessive gene! Her recessive gene MUST be darker or equal to her current fleece color!

Her second cria was also a female and daughter of a Royal Fawn/Grand Master stud, Master Musician.

So Tallulah has had 2 girls for 2 breedings. Unfortunately a pulled baby tooth caused a jaw infection and was left untreated while out to boarding and has compromised her current health. She lost 1/3 of her weight while there and is now on a special diet. She continues to struggle with weight even under special feeding protocols and requires ongoing vet care. She will not be bred which is a great loss to our farm until she can fully recover.

  Awards Received
As a handspinner, I LOVE working with her fleece. The handle is just divine. I haven't tested recently, but I'm thinking it is minimal guardhair and excellent uniformity to fool the hand like this!!

2011 Raw blanket fleece available for sale @ $14 a pound. This is usually one of the first ones I wash up and have spun into yarn every year!

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