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Starr Cash & Joe Jaworski   ~   56 Pisgah View Drive, Candler, NC 28715   ~   828-667-2785

AlpacaNation:  How long have you been in the alpaca business?

Venezia Dream Farm:  We brought home our first alpacas in May 2001. This was less than 3 months after we first heard about alpacas! We were already seriously looking for some sort of livestock to raise on our small acreage farm. Once I saw the ad on TV, I just knew that alpacas were the right choice.

AlpacaNation:  How did you become interested in alpacas?

Venezia Dream Farm:  After seeing an ad on TV for alpacas, I got on the internet and started to search for additional information. I quickly found AOBA and signed up to get the Farm and Ranch Guide mailed out. Upon receipt, I scheduled a few farm visits and one thing led to the next and we bought our starter herd.

AlpacaNation:  How did you decide on your farm name? Is there a special meaning behind the name?

Venezia Dream Farm:  My husband and I lived and enjoyed our first careers in Southern Calif. As we counted down to retirement and the opportunity to make a complete change for our second careers, we sat on the patio many an evening and "Dreamed" of our future farm. Often as we chatted and dreamed, we sipped a cabernet from a very nice winery in No. Calif. called "Venezia". Thus, when the dream came true and we got our alpacas, our farm was the fulfillment of a Venezia Dream.



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