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Daybreak Criations Alpacas - Where Dreams Are Criated!
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Denise & Ron Haines
134 N Lucas Road
Glasgow, KY 42141
(970) 227-0436
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Denise & Ron Haines   ~   134 N Lucas Road, Glasgow, KY 42141   ~   (970) 227-0436

AlpacaNation:  How did you decide on your farm name? Is there a special meaning behind the name?

Daybreak Criations Alpacas - Where Dreams Are Criated!:  Since most cria are born in the morning hours we decided Daybreak was appropriate. And since
baby alpacas are called crias, we decided to use a little play on spelling to turn Creations into

AlpacaNation:  How long have you been in the alpaca business?

Daybreak Criations Alpacas - Where Dreams Are Criated!:  We will hit 20 years March 2017!

AlpacaNation:  Describe your first alpaca purchase... would you do anything differently today?

Daybreak Criations Alpacas - Where Dreams Are Criated!:  We purchased our first alpaca with the use of a broker. Not having livestock background or
knowing what to look for in the way of conformation or fiber, we thought this was the best route.
We started with one pregnant suri female. We decided to buy the best female we would afford.
Looking back we would do it differently based on the results of that 1st year. Our first cria died at
a couple weeks of age. It was a genetic defect so she was replaced with another pregnant
female. That set us back several months in our plan. Well the second cria died of a rare heart
condition, not genetic, but again we lost several months. We recommend spreading your funds
out over as many alpacas as possible. They may not be as high quality but you have more
"eggs" in the basket so to speak and your risk is lessened. You can always breed your average
girls to high impact sires that will greatly improve on the dam. Keep the better offspring and
upgrade each year

AlpacaNation:  Tell us about yourself...

Daybreak Criations Alpacas - Where Dreams Are Criated!:  Ron and Denise raise alapcas full-time. Denise went full-time in year three and Ron joined her
in year six. Neither of them had livestock background and worked in the telecom industry. With
Ron's strong marketing and business background and Denise's sales and marketing experience
with a love of the alpacas, it made a great match. In the beginning this was just suppose to
replace Denise's income. Ron soon found that there was much more opportunity than he
We now have over 60 alpacas at the ranch with more on the way. We are involved in many
aspects of the industry such as herdsire services, seminars, fiber sales, finished product (such
as garments) sales, brokering for our customers and much more.
We can't imagine doing anything else! Come visit and see if this is something you might like to
do! We raise alapcas full-time so we are almost always available for visits.

AlpacaNation:  What sets your farm and herd apart from others in the industry?

Daybreak Criations Alpacas - Where Dreams Are Criated!:  At Daybreak Criations we pride ourselves in providing tremendous customer support. We
always tell our new customers to never heistate to call us with any question at anytime of the
day. If they are concerned about an alpaca, they can call us. We stress the fact that if they wait
to deal with a potential problem in the morning, they may loose precious time. It may be nothing
or it may be something. Call us and we will help you determine if you have a probelm and what
action to take. Most times we have seen whatever it is that concerns our customers and can
often put their mind at ease. We have seen a lot of things over the years and have lots of ideas.
Alpacas are very hardy animals but they are livestock. As with any living thing, things come up.
We are here to support you!

AlpacaNation:  What has been the most helpful advice you have received from your veterinarian?

Daybreak Criations Alpacas - Where Dreams Are Criated!:  First, if you suspect a problem, give the vet a heads up. They can then plan the rest of their day
knowing they may need to make a detour to your ranch.
Also, knowing the alpacas age, weight and temp. when you call with a problem is very helpful.
The vet can determine what action needs taken and dosing of meds. can be done if they know
the alpacas weight.
Lastly, less is better. Less intervention at birth when possible and less medicine is always better
when possible to avoid an immunity to the meds.



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