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Getting Started & Investing
  Raising alpacas can be rewarding both financially and as a lifestyle. Use this resource center for business tips, investment planning, and healthy living as a successful alpaca breeder.
How To Get Started
The key to getting started is information gathering. One of the best vehicles AOBA offers is the video "Alpacas: A Rewarding Lifestyle." This 30 minute video provides an in depth understanding of alpacas and their fiber, from farm requirements to care and nutrition, then concluding with the business and financial aspects of ownership. Mike Safley
Alpaca Purchase Contracts
Every purchaser should require a written contract when acquiring an alpaca. A typical contract will call for a veterinarian exam certifying the alpaca's health at the time of purchase. PAOBA
Creating a Herd
First, determine your goals for alpaca ownership. Would you like to own an inexpensive pair of gelding males for fiber production or as pets for you and your family? Are you going to be a full-time or part-time breeder? Alpacas of Montana


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